Young man who pushed child in London admitted he wanted to kill someone

“In the latest months, I had it in my head that I had to kill someone”, reveals the young man, in a recording released by the British media.

The young British was detained after pushing a French child from a balcony at London’s Tate Modern museum in August 2019. A few months before the incident he was already planning to kill someone, the media reports. In December, during his trial at the Old Bailey criminal court in the UK’s capital, Jonty Bravery, 17 at the time of the incident, pleaded guilty to pushing the six-year-old from the museum’s 10th floor. Bravery remains in detention and will have a sentencing hearing on February 17. The incident occurred on August 4, when the British teenager pushed the child from a Tate Modern observation platform, at the height of the 10th floor. The child, who fell on a roof on the 5th floor, about 30 meters below, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and fractures of the spine, arms and legs and spent a few months in intensive care. In 2018, the attacker, who suffers from autism and personality disorders, admitted that he planned to kill someone, according to recorded statements and broadcast by BBC News and the Daily Mail. Jonty Bravery said he intended to go to a tall building in central London to push someone off the top of that building. “It could be Shard (a skyscraper in London), it could be anything, as long as it was tall”, he added. The private group responsible for their treatments, Spencer & Arlington, said, however, that they “had no knowledge or record of this disclosure”.

Local authorities have told BBC News and the Daily Mail that an independent investigation is underway. The seriously injured boy “is making progress”, said his mother in a message posted on January 24 on a website designed to raise funds to help with the child’s treatment. “He can now eat puree. We hope you will be able to drink soon, with a straw to start”, he explained. “We understand better and better what he tells us. However, he is unable to stand or walk and has great difficulty in maintaining focus and thinking”, added the child’s mother.

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