Young man charges money to colleagues in exchange for disinfectant

A boy made his schoolmates believe that the gesture was important to protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

The student took advantage of the Covid-19 global pandemic to earn money, so he was suspended from the Dixons Unity Academy, a school he attends in Leeds, UK.

The young man charged his colleagues money in exchange for some hand sanitizing gel.

He made friends believe that this was essential to protect themselves from the new coronavirus.

In fact, the gesture is very important to prevent the virus from spreading. Therefore, the school did not like the boy to make money from it and sent the student home.

The mother told the episode on social media, revealing that it is difficult to explain to her son that his attitude was not correct when, on the other hand, the father laughs at the situation and thinks that the idea of ​​the child was brilliant.

With the deal, the young man managed to earn 10 euros.

“He bought a package of Doritos and was saving the rest of the money to buy a Kebab”, reveals the mother.

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