Wales investigates potential of nicotine patches against Covid-19

Doctors routinely distribute nicotine patches to patients with coronaviruses and smokers.

Everyone knows that smokers are more likely to experience Covid-19 more severely, so a group of doctors in Wales will investigate the potential of nicotine patches to fight coronavirus. According to The Guardian, at the Royal Glamorgan hospital, doctors routinely distribute nicotine patches to patients with coronavirus and smokers.

The result was a short article published in the British Medical Journal, which states that at least in chronic smokers, lung injuries in those infected with Covid-19 were increasing by nicotine withdrawal. This was because the patient felt the lack of nicotine in the body.

“Of course, everyone should stop smoking. If you are a smoker, you risk having all the secondary complications if the virus persists”, clarify the researchers. However, they suggest that in these cases nicotine could be used as a supplement.

According to the same publication, Professor Judith Hall, of Cardiff University, found the idea interesting, although it is difficult to prove its value. “Obviously, starting tests is a complicated and time-consuming process, but we need to try to come up with new ideas as soon as possible in this crisis”, he said.

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