US limits number of Chinese correspondent journalists

The measure applies to Beijing-controlled media and was the Trump Administration’s response to the expulsion of three Wall Street Journal journalists from China.

The Trump Administration has announced that it will limit the number of Chinese journalists linked to the Chinese Communist Party-controlled media who are correspondents in the United States. A measure justified by the “extreme surveillance, harassment and intimidation” carried out by the Chinese state “several years ago” on “Americans and other European journalists” based in China and is a retaliation by the White House for the expulsion of three journalists from the Wall Street Journal carried out by Beijing.

Thus, the number of journalists belonging to the staff of the Xinhua news agency, the China Global television network, the radio station China Radio International or the newspaper China Daily, has increased to 100, instead of the previous 160. The rest of Chinese journalists working for another media outlet in the United States are left out of these restrictions.

In a statement, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo defended the measure: “We hope that this action will encourage Beijing to adopt a more just and reciprocal approach to the US and foreign press in China”. A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China recalled that Beijing never imposed restrictions on the number of American journalists based in the country and admitted retaliation against what it says is an authentic “expulsion” order for US Chinese workers.

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