UK anticipates ban on gasoline and diesel vehicles to 2035

Measure anticipates the previously established term by five years.

The UK plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles until 2035, in an attempt to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions and combat climate change, announced British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
The measure anticipates the deadline previously set, up to 2040, by five years, including automobiles and vans and, for the first time, hybrid vehicles that combine fuels that generate emissions with clean technologies.

The announcement was scheduled to coincide with the launch of the British government’s plans for the climate summit, known as the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), scheduled to be held in Glasgow in November. “Organizing COP26 is an important opportunity for the UK and nations around the world to step up the fight against climate change. As we set out our plans to reach our ambitious goal of zero emissions by 2050 over the course of this year, we will urge others to join us in guaranteeing zero emissions” he said during an event at the Science Museum in London. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also participated, as Italy co-hosts the event, but the presentation was overshadowed by criticism from Claire O’Neill, former Secretary of State for Energy, who was removed from the leadership of COP26 last week. In a letter to the Prime Minister, whose excerpts were published today by the Financial Times, he regretted the Government’s lack of support and commitment to this issue and complained about the way it was removed. “When you asked me to preside over the COP (and combine it with staying in your government as a minister, an offer that I refused), you promised to ‘lead the front’ and asked yourself what was needed ‘money, people, say Unfortunately, these promises and offers are not close to being fulfilled”, he says in the letter.

He also regrets that he received “three separate explanations for the [removal] decision, none of which could be clearly articulated or supported by evidence”, and accused Boris Johnson’s office of providing false and negative information about it.

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