Toulouse bridge collapse leaves one dead and several injured

A truck and a car fell on the Tarn River in southern France.

A suspension bridge over the Tarn River in southern France collapsed yesterday, causing a truck and a light vehicle to fall, according to the French emergency services.

However, the local newspaper “La Darpeche du Midi” indicates that a 15-year-old, who was traveling in the car that fell into the river, has died. An information that has not yet been confirmed by an official source.

Firefighters from the Haute Garonne department reported, via Twitter, the bridge collapse in the municipality of Mirepoix sur Tarn (near the city of Toulouse), which led to the D71 road.

According to sources quoted by the local newspaper, the bridge collapsed around 08:00am local time (7:00am in London), when a heavy vehicle, overweight for this bridge, attempted to cross.

The bridge that is about 150 meters long and five meters wide and with the capacity of two vehicles to pass at the same time, was renovated in 2003.

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