Theresa May requests Brexit delay until June 30

The British prime minister formalized today a second request for postponing Brexit until the last day of June due to the preparations for European elections in May.

Theresa May has written to E.U. President Donald Tusk a letter where she states that that it is neither in the interest of the United Kingdom nor the EU that the country participates in the European Parliament elections, which will take place between 23 and 26 May. However, May is still hoping to pass the law for Brexit in time to cancel the ballot.

“However, the United Kingdom accepts the European Council’s position that if the United Kingdom continues to be a member of the European Union till 23th of May, it will have a legal obligation to hold elections. Thus, the Government is advancing with the legal and responsible preparations for this contingency, including making the announcement that determines the date of the elections”, states in the letter.

May talks about the steps that have been taken, particularly the start of the negotiations with opposition leader Labor’s Jeremy Corbyn to find a compromise to be submitted to the Parliament.

May also emphasized that the negotiations will focus on changes to the police statement on future relations between the EU and the UK and not on the Exit Agreement which accepts that it cannot be reopened, as the EU has indicated.

“If the negotiations do not soon result in a unified approach, then the Government will seek to reach consensus among a small number of options on the future relationship that can be submitted to the House of Commons in a series of votes to determine the way forward. The government is ready to accept the decision of the Chamber if the opposition agrees to do the same, ” she says.

May also noted that this plan shows the Government’s determination to resolve the Brexit case quickly, although it still needs to approve the necessary national legislation in order to ratify the agreements.

Therefore, May suggests a postponing until June 30. The prime-minister is also convinced that the law for Brexit can be approved in time in order to cancel the participation in the European elections.

“If the parties can ratify before this date, the Government proposes the period to be concluded earlier. The government intends to agree on a timetable for ratification to allow the UK to leave the EU before the European elections on 23 May and thus to cancel the European Parliament elections but will still continue to make the necessary preparations to hold the elections if the plan won’t be realized”, promises the prime-minister.

In the end, May says it is “frustrating that this process has not been completed yet in an orderly and successful manner”, but promised that as long as UK is a member of the EU, the country will continue to act “constructively and responsibly”.

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