Syrian attack kills 15 in refugee camp

Six children are among the dead victims.

At least 15 people, including six children, died following a Syrian attack near the Qah refugee camp in northwestern Syria, near the Turkish border, according to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory.

“The forces of the [Syrian] regime launched at least two ground-to-ground missiles, causing extensive damage to the field and burning several tents,” said the United Kingdom-based non-governmental organization (NGO).

The Qah camp is occupied by refugees running from the conflict that exists in Idlib province and western Aleppo, Syria – the last opposition fortress in the country – which is an attack zone of several Syrian government offensives against armed factions.

The attack on the Qah refugee camp was announced by the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the “white helmets” on its Twitter account, though without specifying the number of victims.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, relief teams are trying to rescue the victims, stressing that the death toll may increase due to the severity of injuries of some of the victims.

Syrian authorities have not commented on the attack on the refugee camp in the Qah area, near the Turkish border.

According to the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, Idlib province, dominated in part by the Levantine Liberation Agency – an Islamic alliance that includes a former Syrian al Qaeda militia – has been a major target of the Damascus and Israeli military attacks and Russia.

According to the organization, attacks by Syrian and Russian forces began on April 30th and have already killed more than 1,000 civilians.

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