Socialists (PSOE) win Spanish legislatures without absolute majority

The second most voted party is the PP (right-wing party), got 87 deputies (previous result 66), followed by the Vox (right extremists), which becomes the third political force in Spain after more than doubling its parliamentary representation from 24 to 52 members.

Unidas Podemos (left extremists wing) loses seats and votes, getting 35 deputies (had 42), and the same gets the Ciudadanos party (liberal right), who elected only 10 representatives (had 57).

With these results, the Spanish left-wing party bloc formed by the PSOE (socialists), Somos e Mais País (left extremists) outperforms the right-wing PP, Vox and Ciudadanos by 6 deputies.

The 120 seats of the PSOE plus the 35 of Unidas Podemos and the 3 of Mais País would total 158 seats, overcoming 152 that sums PP (88), 52 from Vox, 10 from Ciudadanos and 2 from Navarre Suma (right-wing coalition in the region including the PP and Ciudadanos).

The right-wing party bloc has thus approached the left-wing bloc since the April elections, when they were 16 places apart.

On April 28, the sum of PSOE and Unidas Podemos was 165 and 149 out of the three right-wing parties.

This result predicts the difficulty of forming the government, with the actual Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, weakened by the slight decrease in the number of PSOE from 123 to 120. The elections were called in September by the King of Spain after noting that the actual Socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, was unable to muster enough support to return to the post as a result of the April elections.

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