Sentenced to death in China for killing at Covid-19 checkpoint

A court in southwest China sentenced a man to death for stabbing two employees at a checkpoint for possible carriers of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Ma Jianguo, 23, was sentenced to death for the murder of two men, which occurred on February 6, when he tried to force the passage of a blockade.

All over China, villages and neighborhoods have been barricaded since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic in January, aimed at preventing the spread of a disease that has already claimed nearly 3,000 deaths in the country.

Villages have put up walls to prevent outsiders from entering, while neighborhood committees in the cities prohibit the entry of non-residents and force residents who have arrived from other parts of the country to a 14-day quarantine.

Ma, who was driving, refused to stop at a checkpoint in Honghe, a village in Yunnan province, near the Vietnam border. According to the local court, an employee who tried to film the scene with his cell phone was stabbed in the chest and abdomen by Ma, who then attacked a colleague who tried to save the victim. The two employees eventually died from their injuries. The court said that Ma “did not obey” the local authorities, “ignored national law” regarding the epidemic and committed an “extremely heinous” crime. Officials at different levels in China have adopted drastic restrictions on the movement of people to contain the spread of the new virus, which emerged last year.

Several cities in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, have been quarantined, with entrances and exits blocked, to an extent that affects almost 60 million people.

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