Sánchez and Iglesias reach pre-agreement to form Government

Pablo Iglesias will be the next Vice President of the new government led by Pedro Sánchez.

What seemed impossible a few months ago was achieved in less than 48 hours. The actual prime minister and the leader of Unidas Podemos have reached a pre-agreement for a Coalition Government in Spain, according to the Spanish press, citing socialist sources.

The two leaders will have dropped all vetoes that contributed to the leftist coalition failing after the April elections.

According to the agreement, Pablo Iglesias will assume the post of Vice President of the Spanish Government. Even with the agreement, the coalition is not enough to obtain a parliamentary majority. Sánchez’s PSOE elected 120 deputies, and Iglesias’s Podemos won 35 parliamentary seats. It takes 176 seats to reach a majority of the lower chamber.

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