Russia prepares law to deport foreigners with dangerous infections

The bill may allow the deportation of foreigners and stateless people with dangerous infections, including the new coronavirus.

The Russian bill specifies a list of 16 diseases approved by the office of Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, which includes plague, cholera, tuberculosis, anthrax, HIV carriers and coronavirus, according to the Izvestia newspaper. As early as Monday, the head of the government had advanced the possibility of Russia deporting foreigners infected with the new coronavirus, although he did not reveal more details. The Council of Ministers made this decision because, until now, Russia does not have a law that defines the procedure for executing orders for the deportation and administrative expulsion of foreigners and stateless people with diseases dangerous to society. For the Mishustin Executive, the absence of a law negatively affects the health, epidemiological situation and hygiene security of Russians.

The Interior Ministry has prepared amendments to three articles of the law on the legal status of foreign nationals in Russia to effect expulsions from the country. The bill proposes granting powers to the Russian Interior Ministry and other federal agencies to determine the details of the transportation of foreigners and stateless people and to make decisions on their deportation or readmission. The Ministry of Health, the Federal Security Service (FSB, formerly KGB) and the agencies of epidemiological surveillance and health will also have this power. These entities, together with the Ministry of Justice, will determine the procedure for expelling sick foreigners.

The Government also says that, despite expelling sick or stateless foreigners from Russia, the authorities must provide treatment, monitoring and transportation, as well as ensuring compliance with hygiene measures and rules of conduct in public places.

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