mytv - The Aviators

The Aviators

The Aviators is an award-winning TV series featuring interesting people, the latest aircraft, the coolest technology and the best fly-in destinations

The Miracles of Jesus - mytv - it's your channel

The Miracles of Jesus

Each chapter seeks to transmit teachings of love, hope, courage and perseverance of people who had faith and, therefore, conquered The Miracles of Jesus.

King David

King David

King David ’s legacy is to show mankind that all men are capable of committing sin and injustice, but that they’ll only find the path when they obey God’s laws.

Esther the Queen

Esther, the Queen

Esther, the Queen tells the story of a beautiful young lady, and Jewish at a time when her people were persecuted and she must avoid that they’re all extinct.

Walks around Britain

Walks around Britain

‘Walks Around Britain’ – discover fantastic walks between 2-8 miles with stunning views and great stories from around the British Isles.

mytv - Joseph of Egypt

Joseph of Egypt

Joseph of Egypt – The story tells the tale of a man of integrity, an indulgent man of God, who after being sold as a slave by his brothers is taken to Egypt where he suffers injustice, calumny, and is arrested and humiliated. But everything Joseph touches prospers, because God gave him the gift of interpreting dreams.

mytv - Nomads Seeking Adventure 1920x1080


Nomads showcases amazing adventure travel and exploits the involvement of some of the world’s greatest extreme sports athletes.

Programme Next Stop EPG 1920x1080

Next Stop

Spotlighting unique destinations all around the world, Next Stop enlightens you regarding where to go, what to do and how to do it.

My First Home

My First Home

In My First Home, we’ll meet one potential buyer-it could be a family, a couple, a single buyer, or even two best friends – as they seek out a place to call their own. From touring the real estate, to picking out the perfect house, to waiting through escrow, to the final exchange of keys.