Poverty is the worst enemy of the environment

The statement is from Brazil’s Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes.

Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said, during his participation in a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that poverty is the worst enemy of the environment. “People destroy the environment because they need to eat (…) They have all the concerns that are not the concerns of the people who have already destroyed their forests, who have already dealt with their ethnic minorities,” said Paulo Guedes.

The Brazilian minister also argued that the world requires an increase in food production and, depending on the chemical used in production, there is no clean environment. For Paulo Guedes, the damage caused by agricultural defenders is part of a larger problem, whose solution is complex and depends on politics.

The Brazilian minister also highlighted improvements in the economic scenario in Brazil, which in his assessment is creating a better business environment thanks to the economic reforms promoted in the country.

Paulo Guedes is the main representative of the Government of Brazil in Davos. The Brazilian head of state, Jair Bolsonaro, had confirmed his presence at the event, but decided not to participate after an escalation of conflicts between Iran and the United States of America (USA), which generated fears about security.

The 50th edition of the World Economic Forum ended on 24th January.

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