The Secretary

The Secretary

 Will he win her heart? 

EMILIO ROMERO has lived in New York for the past 7 years and although he studied Finance in Bogota today he delivers pizzas. He hopes someday his American dream will come true, but fate has other plans for him. Thanks to some photos on Facebook, Emilio finds out that he has a 6 year old daughter which his ex girlfriend Lorena never told him about. Emilio, excited with the idea of meeting his beautiful daughter Valentina, decides to return to the country.

Without a penny in his pocket, Emilio wrongfully decides to accept the offer from a client at the pizza shop, who proposes he takes a suitcase to Colombia filled with clothes to sell in exchange for the ticket that will take him back to his country to meet his little girl. But the suitcase ends up being filled with dollars that are hidden and Emilio – the mule – is arrested once he gets off the plane.

For cooperating with the police, Emilio gets out on probation, but the stain on his police record will remain always. Meeting his daughter Valentina changes the life of this broken in man, his enthusiasm and great love are the only things he has to offer her since he has no money and can’t get a job because of his supposed past as a delinquent. Being so, he needs to take desperate measures.

After a thousand tries to get a job, Emilio arrives at Copito Industries, the country’s toilet paper emporium, with the idea of applying for an opening there as assistant accountant. What this man doesn’t count on is that his irremediable destiny leads him to become the SECRETARY of the business area of said company. From that moment, Emilio is not only faced with the day to day tasks of a secretary, but he also meets the love of his life, his boss, the executive ANTONIA FONTALVO.

Writing letters, answering the phone, keeping an appointment book, dealing with the moods of the other secretaries and even buying lunch are just some of the tasks this man will have to face topped off with the great disillusion he feels when he learns that his boss will marry the owner of the joint, FELIX SEGURA, an ambitious, two faced man, that will do whatever is in his reach and much more to marry Antonia and not allowing the secretary to get in his way.

Emilio’s every day struggle to get ahead, to recover lost time with his daughter and to prove to everyone that you need courage to take on a job that is clearly feminine, will be what drives this man to win over the heart of a woman so unreachable as Antonia Fontalvo.

Will this secretary be able to reach the heart of his adored boss, survive his job and become a real father for his daughter?


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