The Promised Land

The Promised Land - Learn the history of the new soap opera ´The Promised Land´ on mytv

 The Hebrews conquering Canaan! 

About 1200 BC – Hebrew camp in Shittim, in the wilderness of Moab.

After the death of Moses, Joshua is the new leader of the Hebrews. He is an experienced warrior with courage, determination and a powerful faith. But it isn’t an easy task to lead his people to their destination! With his closest and most trusted allies, the Levite priest Eleazar and the leader of the Judah tribe Caleb, Joshua has to fulfill a difficult mission instructed by God: to command the twelve tribes of Israel in the conquest of Canaan, the Promised Land.

It is a great challenge because, in order to reach Canaan, the Hebrews must first cross the Jordan River, which is as fast as ever in the flood season. Then, the Hebrews will have to fight the Canaanites who rule that land – pagan, idolatrous and extremely violent people. Throughout the soap opera, they will face kings, queens, nobles, and dangerous, vengeful, and exotic generals such as King Marek, Queen Kalesi, and the Chief Commander of Jericho Tibar; King Durgal and his brother, mayor Kamir, of the kingdom of Ai; among other threatening villains.

Israel’s first major confrontation will be against the fortified kingdom of Jericho, protected by legendary double walls that are four meters wide each, a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. But nothing is impossible for those who are chosen by the Lord and have a true faith in Him. Aided by the impressive miracles of the Lord, Joshua and the Hebrews cross the Jordan, watch the walls crumble to the sound of their trumpets and shouts, and bravely overcome each of the enemy kingdoms they meet in their path.

“The Promised Land” is a soap opera filled with conflict, intrigue, romance, adventure, power struggle, betrayal, forbidden passion, and impossible loves. All of this is narrated with great emotion, leaving to the public the message that nothing is insufferable for those who have a true faith in the Lord.


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