Living in the Digital Age 

What’s up on the Internet – what’s important, what’s causing fun and excitement? All is revealed in Shift – Living in the Digital Age, a weekly DW magazine showcasing the latest Internet news. It’s entertaining, it’s well-informed, it’s opinionated.

Shift examines Internet issues and their impact on political and business life, and society in general, also illustrating the creative spirit forging the digital world.
Shift profiles a whole spectrum of characters, from video artists to online activists, and issues ranging from video surveillance to Internet culture and art, introducing the makers and all the top topics.

Not only that: a special weekly segment called Shift ranking specifies the talk of the digital town, offering chart rankings for the search word of the year, or pets with the largest community of Facebook fans. Other examples include the most popular Smartphone apps or a ranking of the fastest rock guitarists on YouTube videos.
Every Shift show signs off with an entertaining flourish called Shift exit, showing brilliant internet videos and eccentric technical innovations… An exit with a humorous, virtual bang!


Saturdays – 1pm.

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