Chrissy B Show

mytv - The Chrissy B Show

 A positive TV show 

The Chrissy B Show is a positive TV show that tackles different topics, especially mental health issues and informs and equips viewers to be more positive. It features many of the issues currently in the public eye and uses powerful real life stories in the search for constructive solutions and positive outcomes. The show is also daring, covering difficult topics that aren’t always featured in the media, such as self-harm.

It comprises discussions, interviews, outside broadcasts and tips that cover virtually every aspect of life from a positive, helpful point of view. You won’t find any empty or depressing content as the show aims to inform and inspire. Even when serious and disturbing topics are covered, it’s done in a way to demonstrate that people can go on to live a happy life despite having gone through difficult or traumatic experiences.

Chrissy has a number of regular guest contributors varying from Medical experts to Psychologists. In addition she invites guests form many different walks of life to talk about their areas of expertise.

Within the topics promoting good mental health, there are also related segments such as news, health and fitness tips, nutritious recipes, medical, beauty and fashion advice. Coming soon, there will also be a regular section called ‘Sort Me Out’ where a member of the public will be chosen who needs a little help and will be given expert advice and even a makeover.

If happiness is important to you – and who doesn’t want to be happy? – then this show is for you, whether you are chewing over a problem and are keen to get some fresh insight or you simply want to be informed.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10pm.