Parents lose all their children in five years

British couple explains that they go through “good days and bad days” and that they still have not managed to overcome the death of their last child.

Arthur and Christine Mosley are having every parent’s worst nightmare. Within five years, their three sons Robert, Peter and Phillip died in tragic circumstances.

The eldest son, Robert, died in 2015 following a fatal fall at a friend’s house. He had a 17 year old daughter. Last year, Peter, 37, drowned after jumping from a boat into the sea off the coast of Withernsea.  Finally, in July this year, the couple lost their third son, victim of a motorcycle accident.

“People ask us how we managed to cope”, reveals Arthur, 67, explaining that the couple has “good days and bad days”, and that they have not yet managed to overcome the death of their last son.

Arthur explains that they try to keep themselves busy by making motorhome trips to the beach resort Withernsea, or even fundraising campaigns in memory of their kids.

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