Nurse feels bad, continues to work and shortly after he dies of covid-19

British young man died hours after showing the first symptoms.

A 23-year-old male nurse died of covid-19, just hours after having the first symptoms.

John Alagos was taking a 12-hour shift at Watford General Hospital when he started feeling bad. He asked to go home but, due to the lack of nurses, he had to finish his shift.

“I asked him why he was not coming home. He told me that he had asked his colleagues, but that they said they lacked workers and that he could not go”, said his mother, Gina Gustilo.

When he got home, his mother recommended paracetamol to him but shortly afterwards he found his son in cardiac arrest and with a bluish skin tone.

“They use personal protective equipment, but they don’t use complete mouth protection. They only wear normal masks”, said Gina.

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