North American has 1.35m legs

Maci Currin holds the Guinness record for the longest legs in the world.

Maci Currin is only 17 years old but she has just joined Guinness World Records due to the size of his legs.  The young American, resident in Texas, measures 2.08m in height and, each of her legs, measures over 1.30m, more precisely, 1.35m on the left side and 1.34m on the right.

Currin’s legs account for 60% of her total height.  The girl never realized that her legs were that big until about two years ago when she was offered tailored pants.

Although the size of his legs was a problem in some aspects, such as going through doors or getting into cars, Currin made use of her height in the volleyball team where she played while studying. 

Still, Maci Currin is not the tallest woman in the world as this record belongs to Chinese Sun Fang – who measures 2.29m.

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Photo: Guinness World Records