Mexico rains cause seven deaths

Heavy rains have already affected more than half a million people.

Seven dead people: the result of the floods that have been hitting southeastern Mexico for several days.

The fatalities were recorded in the states of Tabasco and Chiasca, two of the most severely affected by bad weather.

The authorities also account for almost 602,000 people affected, with more than 5,000 evacuated. There is also damage found in almost 14,000 homes.

Forecasts of more water spills have prompted several residents to remove everything from their homes.

“Some of the neighbors were able to plan ahead. We can predict the amount of water coming, which is not like in other years. Perhaps it is better to empty our houses and leave nothing behind”, said Carlos Lopez, a resident of the region.

There are still an undetermined number of houses destroyed, impassable roads and dozens of trees lying on the ground. The storm carried forward everything it managed.

This Monday, the person in charge of the Mexican Civil Protection Coordination announced a set of recommendations to the population to pay attention to the warnings and information issued by the authorities. It was also strongly recommended that the population avoid crossing areas with running water in rivers, roads, highways or slopes.

The country suffers from one of the most fragile water treatment systems in the world. Hundreds of citizens are desperate with the floods and, in two neighborhoods in the center of the city, the population closed roads and burned tires to demand the operation of hydraulic pumps that help drain the waters.

In the coming hours, Mexico may continue to be affected by bad weather. The threat level rises as the tropical storm Delta approaches the country. The storm has already turned into a hurricane and is expected to approach the Lutacão peninsula before heading south to the United States.

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