Man trick the airline company to fly with his cat in cabin

Feline was two pounds overweight to be allowed to fly.

Mikhail Galin feared for the life of Viktor, his four-legged companion, and did not want him to travel in the hold of the plane.

In the transshipment in Moscow, the airline would not allow the cat to fly in the cabin because it was two pounds more than allowed, reports El Confidencial.

They tried to send the cat down to the airplane hold, but the owner was afraid Viktor would come to his destination lifeless, so he decided to trick the airline company.

Mikhail has posted an appeal on social networks, asking for cats similar to Viktor, but leaner. It sounds like a lie, but the help really came, and Mikhail managed to show a thinner cat on the control line instead of his own cat and then replace it with Viktor.

They then traveled in the cabin from Moscow to Riga, Latvia, but the airline eventually saw the case on social networks and Mikhail was fined for breaking the rules.

The cat owner reacted on Facebook, saying that although he knows the rules, he has no regrets, since he had “the moral right not to give him to the airplane hold for 8 hours, since the animals often die there.”