Jorge Jesus: “It's been the five most important months of my life”

Flamengo coach was honored in the city Council of Rio de Janeiro.

“The tribute touched my heart. I am in a country that has the same language and I know how is the Portuguese-Brazilian relationship going on. We, Portuguese people, know it even better because we speak of Brazil more than anyone else and, therefore, all this time, linked to the sporting successes of Flamengo, have been the five most important months of my life, ”said Jorge Jesus.

The Portuguese coach, who was crowned as a South American and Brazilian champion over the weekend, received the title of citizen of Rio de Janeiro.

Asked by journalists at a brief conference, after receiving the title of carioca (native of Rio de Janeiro) citizen, Jorge Jesus said he intends to stay in Flamengo until May 2020.

“I have a contract with Flamengo until May, so there is still a very important competition for Flamengo ahead right now,” said the coach, referring to the World Cup in December in Qatar.

After that competition, “things will naturally be resolved by force of circumstances”: “My heart wants to stay at Flamengo. At this moment all the emotion and passion conquered me. But beyond that there are other important factors in a coach’s life,” he noted.

Jorge Jesus also mentioned that he never shaped his career based on the economic component but acknowledged that in the future this may influence his choices.

“In the future, perhaps, it will be an important component I will take into consideration, but let’s go step by step. And when we have to decide, we will decide for the best, ”he said.

Jorge Jesus also mentioned that he is very proud of Portugal and stated that the Portuguese people supported him in the Final of the Libertadores Cup, won by Flamengo 2-1 against River Plate, on Saturday, in Lima.

“I know how much Portugal was in the Libertadores Final, not only in Flamengo games. They [Portuguese] always had a very special affection for me, they did not see me as a coach, but as a Portuguese, ”he concluded.

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