Israeli Prime Minister is in a two-day visit to Lisbon

Benjamin Netanyahu will meet Prime-Minister António Costa and the Head of US diplomacy.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a two-day visit to Lisbon, starting on the November 4th, where he will meet with António Costa, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“It is an unofficial visit,” a source at the Israeli Embassy in Portugal told to Lusa agency.

The Jerusalem Post, citing a source in the Israeli Prime Minister’s office, said the focus of the Netanyahu-Pompeo meeting should be Iran.

The Israeli newspaper admits that other topics could be talked about at this meeting, including the possible annexation of the Jordan Valley (eastern part of the West Bank) and a defense pact between the United States and Israel.

As for the meeting with António Costa, an official source of the Portuguese executive told Lusa that the meeting, scheduled for this Thursday, will have as its central theme: bilateral relations between Portugal and Israel.

Earlier this week, according to the Jerusalem Post, it was reported that Netanyahu was planning a trip to London to meet Pompeo and other international leaders on the sidelines of the NATO summit.

However, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office has never officially announced this plan.

According to the newspaper, Netanyahu, who has recently been charged by Israel’s attorney general in three cases of corruption, has had difficulty scheduling meetings with some of Europe’s top leaders.