Groom assaulted after another wife shows up at wedding

The bride’s relatives assaulted the Pakistani man.

Asif Rafiq Siidiqi was surprised by his first wife, who appeared at the ceremony and revealed that the groom was an imposter because he was already married and had a daughter.

The bride’s guests and family were shocked and began to chase, push and violently assault him during the ceremony.

The police were called to the scene, who ended up rescuing the man and taking him to the police station for his safety. Upon leaving, the bride’s relatives continued their incessant to attack him. In an attempt to protect himself, the man hid under a bus, but they threatened to set the vehicle on fire.

The victim ended up fleeing again, while being chased by dozens of people, having been saved by strangers.

In Pakistan, polygamy is legal. However, it is necessary that the first woman consents the new relationship. Siidiqi chose to hide the new marriage and the new woman’s family members also discovered that the man still had a third wife.

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