Expelled of flight because of a name given to Wi-Fi

Something unusual happened at Detroit airport. A flight was delayed by five hours.

A couple was kicked out of a flight on Jan. 15th after crew members identified a Wi-Fi network with a threatening name. “Remote detonator” was the name in question.
The GoJet flight, operating as a connection with the Delta company, which was going to leave Detroit, in the United States of America, bound for Montreal, Canada, ended up being delayed by five hours.

Police got on the plane and escorted the 42-year-old man and the 31-year-old woman, both born in Quebec, out of the plane. The couple was released shortly after, but the case is still under investigation.

This is not, however, the only case. In 2016, in Australia, more than forty passengers were forced to leave a plane before taking off. In question, a Wi-Fi network with the name “Mobile Detonation Device”.

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