European Union defines tourism as a priority

European Ministers responsible for tourism met on videoconference to discuss the future of this sector.

The meeting was requested by Croatia with all the ministers responsible for tourism to discuss the future of this sector. At the meeting, which took place by videoconference, it was decided that tourism will have to be one of the priorities in the European Union’s recovery plan.

To support this sector, which was brutally affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, other measures were also established.

“The tourism sector suffered a sharp and unexpected drop in demand due to the coronavirus outbreak. Our mission, as members of the EU and part of the most successful tourist region in the world, is to be leaders in the recovery of tourism, which (…) directly affects the recovery of the entire economy”, said Gari Cappelli, Croatian Minister of Tourism.

At the meeting, it was decided that tourism must be one of the main concerns of the EU in this recovery plan. “We are going to need unprecedented funds to overcome this crisis. A “new Marsall plan” with a powerful EU budget is needed to pave the way for European recovery. No country can overcome this crisis alone”, said Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market.

In this way, the meeting made it possible to define measures such as the opening of tourist corridors between EU member states and the inclusion of epidemiologists in the process of opening borders.

Ministers and representatives agreed that epidemiologists should be consulted when defining the criteria and measures necessary to ensure the safety of tourists.

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