Dutch police finds 25 migrants on board

A group of 25 migrants was hidden inside of a refrigerated container.

You could hear some noises coming from inside the refrigerated container that alerted the crew of the boat that departed from the port of Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, towards the United Kingdom.

The crew found a group of migrants and called the local authorities because of the urgency to provide medical care to people.

Inside the Danish freighter were hidden 25 migrants, including one child. The nationality and the circumstances in which they would have boarded the vessel remain unclear.

After the emergency ambulance and fire crews stepped in, the Red Cross and police accessed the vessel and it was returned to the Netherlands.

This was not, however, the first episode with migrants in the Netherlands during that afternoon. Hours earlier, Dutch police intercepted a bus with 65 Moldovan migrants who entered the country illegally.

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