Donald Trump’s world popularity is very low

Most respondents from a US institute study across countries reveal that they have no confidence in the US President’s foreign policy.

According to a Pew Research Center study, 64% of the 40,000 or so respondents in 33 countries across continents do not trust the US President’s foreign policy decisions, with only 29% showing that confidence. Anti-Trump sentiment is particularly strong in Western Europe, where three out of four respondents expressed distrust of White House decisions, especially in countries such as Germany, Sweden, France, Spain and the Netherlands.
Even more unhappy with Donald Trump’s foreign policy options are the Mexican neighbors, where 89% of respondents said they had no confidence in their options, underlining disagreement with the intention to build a wall along the border between the two countries, which remains a flag of the strategy of the current US government.
The study, which was conducted between May and October 2018, shows that compared to Barack Obama, his direct predecessor, Trump has received lower popularity figures and has been falling since 2016.

Trump’s foreign popularity scholarships can be found in countries with which the United States has a tradition of good economic and political relations, such as the Philippines, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, and India, where respondents showed a higher degree of sympathy for the external decisions of the republican president.

The most disliked topics among respondents are rising tariffs on US-imported goods (68%), the removal of climate change treaties (66%) and the construction of the border wall with Mexico (55%).
The majority (52%) also disagree with the US exit from the nuclear treaty with Iran, which led to economic sanctions on Iran from the Middle East, triggering an escalation of tension that led to successive mutual attacks. Also, the decision to relocate the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has the disapproval of most respondents, especially in countries in the region such as Tunisia, Lebanon and Turkey.

However, in Israel, 74% of respondents applaud the diplomatic gesture, which was condemned by the international community, including by European allies. Compared to other world leaders, Trump is not very well regarded either.
The German chancellor has the highest level of popularity, with 46% of respondents expressing confidence in their foreign policy, while 41% expressed sympathy with the decisions of French President Emmanuel Macron.
Trump also shows lower levels of popularity than Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.