Dog with eyebrows becomes Internet sensation

The four-legged animal was abandoned but everything ended up well.

According to “The Siberian Tim” magazine, the dog – that is about five months old – became famous for having eyebrows. The animal was found wandering in the streets of Bratsk, Siberia, after being abandoned by her owners for being ‘strange’.

The dog was taken to an animal shelter. The keepers who received her thought the dog’s appearance was a bad joke and the dog’s eyebrows had been drawn.

After being treated and bathed, the keepers found out that the ‘eyebrows’ remained intact. “It’s a nature’s joke,” said one of the shelter officials to the Siberian newspaper.

While in the shelter, the dog was named Frida, after the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, whose eyebrows were a trademark. The bigeye, whose actual name is Betty, has now been adopted and is apparently very happy with her new family.

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