Dog saves owner’s life and refuses to leave hospital

Ruby is Shauna’ heroine, a young woman who suffers from a rare syndrome.

Shauna adopted the Pitbull dog to help her cope with the anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia she suffered daily.

This Australian girl has never thought that in addition to teaching her how to deal with the mentioned health issues, the dog would save her life from another extremely serious problem.

Shauna had already noticed that Ruby behaved differently when she was dealing with unusual heart rates. In these moments, the dog would give her the paw, ask for attention, and jump into her lap.

Then, the young woman went to the doctor and found that she had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type IV, a condition that affects her blood vessels – including her heart – and weakens collagen-rich organs such as the arteries, veins, intestines, lungs, skin, liver and spleen.

Throughout the whole treatment process, Ruby never left her owner, not even on her way to the hospital.

In addition, the dog continues to play an important role in monitoring both Shauna’s heart rate and tension while also calming her during panic attacks. Ruby also carries Shauna’s emergency medication, helps her carry groceries and picks up objects from the floor. “When I faint, she gets on top of me, applies all the pressure over me and licks my hands and face until I get back,” says Shauna, who has no doubt that her life depends on Ruby.

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