Covid-19: WHO warns of rapid depletion of protective equipment stocks

World Health Organization has sent about half a million personal protective equipment to 27 countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the rapid depletion of reserves of personal protective equipment against the new coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease. “The World Health Organization has sent around half a million personal protective equipment to 27 countries, but ‘stocks’ are running out quickly”, said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference at the headquarters organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Covid-19 outbreak, which can cause respiratory infections such as pneumonia, caused more than 3,100 deaths and infected more than 90,300 people in about 70 countries and territories, including Portugal. Of the infected people, about 48,000 recovered, according to health authorities in several countries. In addition to 2943 deaths in China, where the outbreak was detected in December, there are fatalities in Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, United States of America, San Marino and Philippines.

WHO declared the Covid-19 epidemic to be an international public health emergency and the risk of contagion “very high”.

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