Couple dies two hours apart due to Covid-19

Severa Belotti and Luigi Carrara had been together for 60 years.

Severa Belotti and Luigi Carrara, aged 82 and 86 respectively, died in the hospital in Bergamo, Italy, after being in isolation for eight days in the house where they lived in Albino.

The elderly were alone, without any medical assistance and with 39º of fever, since there was no doctor available to help them.

To the Italian press, son Luca revealed that his father was transported to the hospital on Saturday and his mother on Sunday. The two died last Tuesday, one at 9:15AM and the other at 11:00 am, victims of the new coronavirus.

“They died alone, this is how this virus works”, said the son, regretting not having been with his parents in the last days of his life.

Severa and Luigi had been together for 60 years.

Luca is currently quarantined with his wife and two children.

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