Child raises money to save animals in Australia

Boy managed to raise more than 170 thousand euros.

Owen Colley is only six years old and has already managed to raise more than 170,000 euros to help animals that are victims of the fires in Australia. The boy, a Massachusetts resident, decided to sell small koalas made of clay.

When Owen discovered that the fire was killing the animals, he drew a kangaroo, a koala and a dingo in the rain, and told his mother that his greatest wish was for the fires in Australia to end. “It was the first time that my son made a request that was not directly for him… I asked if he wanted to help animals and he said yes.

We started creating small koala sculptures made of clay and offering them to friends and family in exchange for a donation”, Caitlin Colley told CNN. Donations have come from all American states and are destined for the Wildlife Rescue South Coast animal rescue center in New South Wales.