Second outbreak of bird flu detected in France

After a first outbreak in Corsica, another was discovered in a pet store on the outskirts of Paris.

The announcement was made this Thursday by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, which added that, after several tests were carried out in a pet store in Yvelines, the presence of the H5N8 virus, identical to that detected in Haute-Corse, was confirmed, that is not transmissible to humans.

Barack Obama dismisses Joe Biden’s government post

The former president of the United States believes that the winner of the presidential election does not need his advice.

In an interview with the American television channel CBS, Barack Obama jokingly said that his wife, Michelle Obama, would leave him if he accepted a position in the future administration.

Helicopter that carried heart for transplant crashes

Helicopter that carried heart for transplant crashes

Organ was recovered from the aircraft wreckage and taken in time for surgery.

A helicopter that performed the transport flight of a heart for transplant crashed during the landing on the runway of the medical center of Keck, of the University of Southern California, in the United States of America.

Thousands of tons plastic thrown away in the Mediterranean

Thousands of tons plastic thrown away in the Mediterranean

Every year, about 230 thousand tons of plastic are thrown overboard.

The work of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which is based on the compilation of data from studies carried out on the ground and on the marine plastic footprint calculated by the organization, estimates the flow of plastic from 33 countries around the Mediterranean basin, concluding that 229 thousand tons of plastic are wasted annually at sea, an amount equivalent to more than 500 containers of ships.

Thirty-two journalists killed since the beginning of the year

Number is lower than in 2019, but remains worrying.

In 2019, 49 journalists were killed worldwide, the lowest number in 16 years, compared with the average of 80 deaths recorded annually in the past two decades, due to the decrease in professionals killed in armed conflicts, explained at the time a non- governmental (NGO) Reporters without Borders (RSF), as they cover less and less the situation on the ground. This year’s balance sheet is again lower than that of 2019, with 29 journalists and three media employees killed since the beginning of the year, due to the health crisis, since “many journalists did not go to the field”, said the NGO, which will publish the annual report in late December.