Cat and bird become best friends

The unlikely friendship has already gone viral on social networks. Watch the videos.

Matt Owens found an injured bird and decided to take it to his home, in New Zealand.

What he didn’t know was that the bird was about to become best friends with his pet, a cat.

The bird, a tail-catcher, was on the roadside “sitting while bleeding.”

“He seemed unable to walk and appeared to have been abandoned by his mother,” Matt told NewsHub.

He took him home and introduced the bird, whom he named Swoop, to Mowgli the cat.

“I introduced them calmly and I was, in fact, surprised by my cat’s attitude towards Swoop. Now they are practically best friends, they are together all the time. The bird is always lying on its back and my cat is constantly hugging it,” he said.

Matt shared moments of this unlikely friendship on social media, and they have already gone viral.