Brexit: what will happen after sealing a deal?

Boris Johnson tries to get majority in Parliament to approve THE document. Brussels is apprehensive about the possible rejection in the British Parliament.

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit process is not over, even after the agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom. After a day of gains, the stock markets have agreed to fall slightly, with investors expecting the British parliament vote on this understanding. The agreement is going to be voted in the British Parliament tomorrow and the outlook is at least uncertain.

The European Commission is also expecting, once it “has already seen this movie” with Theresa May… That is why Jean Claude Juncker, President of the Commission, said he foresees a very complicated situation if the agreement is rejected by the British Parliament. Angela Merkel also came today to warn of the seriousness of a new postponement of Brexit, if it happens again.

However, Boris Jonhson and his rulers continue to say that they are confident in the document being approved. The British Prime Minister is starting the race against time today to ensure he has a majority in the House of Commons for the deal to reach the “green light”. Brexit is scheduled for October 31th.

However, today, an original and gigantic message was left on an agricultural field in southern England by a group of non-Brexit supporters. With the help of a tractor, they wrote 40­‑meter letters on earth saying that the United Kingdom now wants to remain in the European Union. This group called “Led by Donkeys” argues that most Britons currently do not want to leave the community space, despite the result of the referendum three years ago.