Bad weather continues to cause deaths across Europe

Since Sunday, at least 9 people have died, victims of heavy rains that have affected France, Italy and Greece.

The death toll from the torrential rains that have plagued France, Italy and Greece has risen to 9.

The most recent victims were two women who died after the heavy storm that hit the Aegean islands.

Greece has already registered four fatalities. Last Sunday two men, tourists, died after their boat sank.

The torrential rains of recent days have caused floods in the country. The force of the wind knocked down trees, cars and affected homes. At this time there are several impassable roads, hundreds of houses without electricity and many others are destroyed.

Heavy rainfall also affects the Var region in France. At least four people died. In the Côte d’Azur region, some roads are still closed.

According to the latest assessment by the authorities, in Italy one person also died. River flows continue to rise and flooding continues to increase. Rescue teams are still looking for possible victims following a landslide near Savona.

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