At least 30 hostages stuck in a mall at Manila

An armed attacker holds about 30 people hostage inside a shopping center in the Philippines capital, where gunfire was heard.

At least one person was injured and was transferred to a hospital. “The initial information we have (…) is that he has firearms and grenades. There is already a person who was shot and taken to the hospital” the district mayor, Francis Zamora, told AFP.

The mayor added that about 30 people must be on the second floor of the premises, where the armed suspect is located. An employee at the shopping center, who declined to be identified, told Spanish news agency Efe that he heard gunshots around 11:00 am. According to the first police reports, the suspect is a former shopping center security officer, identified as Archie Parai, 41, who is in possession of firearms and explosives. The suspect told the police and journalists on video conference that he wanted to report his and other officials’ “unfair” dismissals and demanded that everyone be readmitted. According to Efe, at least 10 specially equipped police and special forces members are located on each access road to the shopping center.

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